All Write Week 2016 - WG Drama

Spring 2016
All Write Week was a great event for our department and we worked very hard to make the presentations look great and the guests to feel special.The WG Drama Department produced material in the Little Theater during the whole week. We also provided all of the technical support for the festival along with additional support from the WGHS TLC Office All Write Week took place in several different venues. 

We had presentations in the Auditorium, Little Theater, The Library, Robert's Gym..
... and there were even workshops in classrooms. 

A Movie about Creativity 
produced and directed by our very own Simon Moore

The All Write Week Festival took a lot of people to pull off and the students that were involved worked very hard to make it happen as smooth as it did. We only had some minor hiccups along the way but we jumped over a lot of hurdles.

Special thanks 
Jonah Schnell 
TD (Technical Director) of the event
Kate Arendes 
one of the student Production Managers.

Jacob Noce, Ethan, Sam Toskin, Kennedy Bingman and Robert Hood for being the techies.

The Drama Department techies were setting up slideshows, microphones, stage lighting, all kinds of different music acts equipment, various videos, and in the end making sure each presenter's material was ready to go. 

The Senior Display case for All Write Week

The WG Drama Department 
presented the following productions:

A One Act Play

Written and Directed 
by Kate Arendes

Rowan van Horn,  Loren Kahrhoff,  and Lily Newsham

To view the video follow the link:

Lily and Loren on the train


The 2016 Woman's Monologue Project
A showcase of cuttings to celebrate women

The cast of Drama Queens

Directed and Co-Produced by
Maggie Pool and Molly Kurtz

Marie Bardmeier
Trinity Madison
Rebecca Jackoway
Grey Ferber
Tea Gardner
Suzanna Kessler
Meredith Grimm-Howell
Molly Kurtz
Maggie Pool

Piano and some of the material by Kate Arendes

Lighting by
Robert Hood

       Marie and Trinity performing their monologues to very attentive audiences

To see a video of the showcase follow the link below:



We were so fortunate to have St Louis's very own Michael Castro visiting to recite some of his original work and to talk about poetry and writing

WG Drama also produced a round of original SLAM poetry

"The Selma Slammers"

Che Askew
Dorian Palmer
Chance Manley
Tamia Houston
Alyssa Lang-Taylor
Brittany Christian
Noah Hornbeck
Yusuf Randolph
Lily Newsham
Jakini Ingram

 The ladies wrote about what is was to be a woman of color today and some of the ways we can be labelled as a woman based on the color of our skin.

Che wrote a piece about "being grown" and how also he lost a friend to the military

Lily wrote about suicide and the labels placed on those that attempt to take their lives and how we should be dealing with the causes of that choice

Jakini spoke about racial issues in today's society and Dorian spoke about being Black on Campus 

Noah performed his piece about self-reflection and purpose

  And Yusuf asked his audience not to judge but to learn about people 

A wonderful piece with lots of eye-opening statistics about killings called Strange Fruit written by Jakini Ingram performed by four of the Selma Slammers ended the show. It was a thought provoking piece that knocked it out of the park. The students were very rehearsed and delivered it like real pros.



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