Spring 2015 - "W" A Woman's Project

Let's Talk About Women Shall We?....

In the Month of March we decided to produce a special showcase of theatrical pieces all dedicated to celebrating what it is be a woman. It is the first woman's piece we have done to celebrate Woman's History Month but it won't be the last.

The piece originated out of the work being done with some of the actors in Advanced Drama Class, but we also held an audition and cast actors that weren't in the class.

Posters designed by Mr. Schaefer

The rehearsals were held with individual pieces, pieces that involved the whole group, and some that only had two or three performers.


We had the wonderful opportunity to perform for an audience during the day and one evening performance the night of Parent Teacher Conferences. Both audiences were wonderful and the production was a huge success!

Aerin Johnson
Caroline Jordan

Loren and Natalia

We included pieces of traditional theater, classical theater, modern theater, poetry, movement, and song. There were original works and cuttings from plays. 

We wove the pieces together with live piano 
accompaniment provided by Kate Arendes.

Additional coverage was provided by the WGHS school newspaper...

Read the ECHO article online at 


The stage was set up in our Auditorium "Black Box" arrangement.

The stage was placed upstage on the angel loft and we added a small set of platforms to give two levels. We also hung several black drapes to create a back curtain for the scenes.

The set design/floor plan was completed by Mr. Schaefer

Emily Jackoway doing the curtain speech 
during the evening performance


Directed by: Emily Jackoway, Kate Arendes, and Mrs. Mary Kurtz

Production Management: Mr. Schaefer

Lighting Design: Jonah Schnell

Light Op:
Sound Op:

Annelise Kerr-Grant performs her original piece for the show 
with the ensemble posing behind her.
(photo by Bret Waelterman and the ECHO)


Molly Kurtz                   Allison O'Brien            Annelise Kerr-Grant
Lily Newsham              Caroline Jordan             Kate Arendes
Natalia Sauer                 Loren Kahrhoff             Hannah Leatherbarrow
Aerin Johnson  

The ART SHOW in the lobby

Micah Wilson (Junior) provided an exhibit in the lobby of the theater with pieces from various artists (including a wonderful piece made for the show by her mother)

The special lobby exhibit featured photography, painting, sculpture, and a live performance piece.

Courtney Degroot performing the performance art piece created by Micah Wilson

Thanks to everyone who helped make this production possible

Watch the whole show at :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y03rfMChcD4&feature=youtu.be


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